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By supporting a shared vision of a safe and healthy world of work with like-minded organisations and professionals, we can be one step closer to reaching our goal. Here, you can watch and read about the experiences, knowledge and inspirations of people across the world working towards a safer future.

Enhancing the occupational safety and health profession with Massy Stores

Strengthening our influence and impact globally with MOSHA

Building strategic partnerships through collaboration with DriBuild


Ria Sooknarine, Massy Stores, Trinidad

I've been a member of IOSH since 2014. It enhances my career and professional development…

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Milan Petkovski, MOSHA, Macedonia

Everything started in Struga in beautiful Macedonia in 2011, when two representatives from IOSH came and attended a conference organised by MOSHA…

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Matt Tyler, DriBuild, UK

I've been a member of IOSH for three years. The reason I joined was to make sure that we are learning best practice and spreading that word among our supply chain and across all of our staff…

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