Work 2022

shaping the future of safety and health

Our vision for a safer and healthier world of work

Millions of people have their lives severely affected because of the work they do, with illness, injury and death all too common.

At the same time, there is much more to the world of work than preventing accidents and injuries. Work, when it’s good, gives people status, positive health benefits, a quality of life, and a sense of wellbeing. We believe that by working together, we will all achieve a safer and healthier world of work, and as the chartered body for health and safety, IOSH can lead the way.

Our new five-year strategy, “WORK 2022 – shaping the future of safety and health”, sets out this vision and defines the steps that we need to take. Help us to shape the future of health and safety and make WORK 2022 a reality, today and in the future.

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See how we're shaping the future of safety and health around the world


We will lead, promote and support a credible profession, which saves lives and has a positive impact on an organisation’s reputation and results.


We will build strategic partnerships through collaboration forging mutually-beneficial relationships with organisations.


We want to empower professionals and businesses to address local issues and have a greater influence and impact globally.

IOSH is the world's leading professional body responsible for safety and health in the workplace. As a champion, supporter, adviser, advocate and trainer for those who protect the safety, health and wellbeing of others, we are a consistent and authoritative voice for the profession.