Ria Sooknarine, Massy Stores, Trinidad


“IOSH is always at the forefront, promoting health and safety”

I’ve been a member of IOSH since 2014. It enhances my career and professional development.

Health and safety is fairly new in Trinidad and Tobago. One of the challenges that we face is that not many people are aware of what the legislation entails. This is why IOSH is very important. It helps to bring that awareness factor to the workforce here.

One way that IOSH membership has assisted me is being able to go to their resources and find a wealth of information on dock safety. I have implemented this throughout the Massy Stores trade in Trinidad and Tobago.

IOSH has a lot of positive initiatives. They are always at the forefront and always in the limelight, promoting health and safety. They also enhance the qualifications for the health and safety practitioners.