Work 2022

shaping the future of safety and health

Most people spend a third or more of their adult life at work, earning a living, supporting their families and communities and contributing to economic life more generally. At the same time, the world of work is undergoing rapid and fundamental change.

All of this has an impact on working people, their working environments and the way they work.
In workplaces around the world, work-related deaths, injuries and illness still occur every day. More than 2.3 million people lose their lives because of work-related accidents or illness each year. Work is leaving many millions more in poor health or in pain and incapacitated by injury.

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IOSH’s strategic vision

The benefits of health and safety at work are compelling and yet so many people continue to work in harm’s way. The need to encourage advances in safety and health in workplaces worldwide is clear and urgent.

IOSH wants to bring about faster, long-lasting progress in the safety, health and wellbeing of working people worldwide. We cannot, of course, achieve this alone.

Our vision – a safe and healthy world of work – is one galvanising goal. WORK 2022 defines how we will lead our profession and collaborate with our stakeholders towards achieving it.

This is a strategy and plan of action that should make a real difference to the lives of people at work around the world.

As a leading organisation in the occupational safety and health profession, a respected partner in business and management, and a respected organisation with global reach, our strategy will help deliver advances in health and safety at work worldwide.

Our new direction

We have three broad aims that underpin WORK 2022. They are:

Enhance, Collaborate, and Influence.

Between now and 2022, we will:

Enhance the occupational safety and health profession
  • developing its competence, capability and range of skills
  • consolidating its central role to the success of organisations
  • promoting positive public perceptions of health and safety
Collaborate to build strategic partnerships
  • forging mutually-beneficial relationships with like-minded organisations
  • delivering practical and valuable outcomes for businesses to succeed
  • supporting a shared vision of a safe and healthy world of work
Influence and strengthen impact globally
  • empowering health and safety professionals and businesses around the world
  • working with them to address local health and safety issues
  • enabling worldwide sharing of knowledge and learning

How we will get there

We will continue to improve existing services for our members and develop our training and skills products for businesses, but these activities alone won’t achieve our goals. We will also innovate, with ground-breaking new initiatives to deliver faster, long-lasting progress in the health and safety of people at work.

We will reach our goals through our three interlinked delivery programmes: Enhance, Collaborate and Influence.


Enhance is a series of initiatives designed to elevate the status and capability of the occupational safety and health profession and promote it as an attractive first career of choice. It will give individuals a structured career pathway, and organisations a clear idea of how they should invest in health and safety. We must:

  • embolden and strengthen the profession
  • give professionals the tools they need to be more effective
  • work to confront and address perceptions of health and safety
  • and build appreciation for the added value the profession provides

Practitioners must continue to develop professionally, reflecting and navigating the rapidly-changing world of work. We will introduce

  • IOSH Blueprint, an industry-backed competency framework for the profession and organisations in every sector
  • a new qualification as an entry route to IOSH membership
  • an increase in the number of Chartered members through effective continuing professional development
  • a professional development programme of training and skills for health and safety experts
  • a ‘future leaders’ programme for ambitious young people and others early in their health and safety careers

Collaborate acknowledges that IOSH and the profession we lead must work hand-in-hand with organisations and their representative bodies, maximising the benefits to business of good health and safety at work.

  • We will draw from our own and our members’ expertise, experience, skills and networks to develop and implement a new model for how we, as the Chartered body, work with organisations and businesses to move forward together.
  • There will be many benefits to IOSH, the profession and business, and new formal relationships will range from the transactional to the strategic, from the commercial to the charitable.
  • For health and safety professionals, these partnerships will create new opportunities to promote to decision-makers their value as leaders in their organisations.

Knowledge gathered about looking after people at work, whether it’s through research, innovation or lessons learned from mistakes, can move the health and safety profession forward and raise standards in worker protection.

  • WORK 2022’s Influence programme will see the introduction of a new global model to enable IOSH to engage consistently with organisations in different parts of the world with their own, local challenges in protecting people from work-related injury and illness.
  • A refreshed approach to research and knowledge, through the choice of topic and translation into practice, will maximise its positive impact on the lives of working people.

Transforming IOSH

IOSH’s vision is clear: a safe and healthy world of work. Our mission is to be the professional body leading the way in global occupational safety and health.

If we are to deliver the WORK 2022 strategy then IOSH will need to change. This is why we are embarking on a transformation programme which will make us a more modern, agile and flexible organisation. We will invest in our people, our infrastructure and our services, changing our ways of working and how we do business to deliver the strategy.

No one organisation can transform the world of work in five years on its own, but WORK 2022 sets out how we, as the leading professional body in occupational safety and health, will support our members, collaborate with our partners and influence organisations globally to shape a safer, healthier future for working people.

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About IOSH

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