Neal Walker, independent trustee on the Board of Trustees, said:

“Being on the Board can help you make a difference to IOSH by supporting the WORK 2022 strategy. Safety and health are topics you want to get right – we have a duty of care to help.

“Being on the Board has helped me to develop myself and my company through my experience as a Trustee, offering more opportunity to use strategic skills and my MBA.

“As a member of the Board I work with other Trustees to ensure IOSH is fulfilling its charity purposes and check that IOSH is complying with the law. I also help to manage resources, such as finances and investment. We also review the strategy and actions of the Senior Leadership Team to ensure they are meeting their declared objectives.

“The experience of being on the Board has been great as I have increased my network, learnt to work with new people and I have learnt about governance through Trustee Development Days and being part of the Board of Trustees. It is a change to step outside of your existing company and see how another organisation manages similar issues.

“There is a great satisfaction in working for a charity and making a difference.

“Pick IOSH if you fundamentally believe in keeping colleagues safe at work. If your employer will allow you to take time to attend IOSH Board Meetings and other events, then this should be seen as part of your personal development.

“IOSH has presented to my employer to help with health and safety and hence given something back to them in recognition of the time I have taken out of the business.

“Many people have an impression of charities as the charity shop in the High Street with retirees doing part-time work. IOSH has systems, processes and people that would be a credit in any commercial organisation. A Trustee can learn from these and then add more value to their employer by taking the ideas back to their workplace.”